Students will learn about their own community using technology tools including Glogster, Mapquest, and Voicethread. In this engaging unit, children will develop a deeper understanding of the resources and people needed in a community and compare this to Brian's community in Kenya, Africa. The final project, using Voicethread, will give students the opportunity to reflect on their future role within their community.





Ways to Connect


Introduction and Civics

This lesson will take three to four sessions.

Brian's Community

After learning more about Brian and his community, post questions on the blog.
Observe students understanding of a community as they contribute to the word cloud on Wordle.
Use student community journals and civics rubric to assess standards.


This lesson will take three to four sessions.


Brian's Community
Students can mail maps or photos of maps to Brian.


This lesson will take to to three sessions.

Brian's Community

Students can choose to continue writing letters to Brian monthly to continue communication.
While students are creating the letter to Brian, walk around ans assess orally using this rubric and questions.

Final Project

This lesson will take
three to four sessions.

Model of Voicethread

Copy the links of the Voicethreads and send them to Brian. Please send exemplary Voicethreads to EFAC DREAMS coordinators.
This is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate understanding of all of the concepts taught. Use the rubrics above to allow students another opportunity to demonstrate proficiency.