This fourth grade unit is designed around the theme of traveling. Students will take a virtual tour of Kenya through an interactive webquest as an introduction to the unit and then research standards-based questions in civics, economics, and geography to design a commercial describing their home state.





Ways to Connect



These lessons will take anywhere from one to ten days depending on the requirements of the teacher and will require computer access for the duration of the introduction.

Kenya Webquest
Students can send questions to Mercy on the EFAC blog.
Teachers will need to assess student understanding through observation and discussion.




These lessons will take approximately 10 days and require computer access for each day.

Model of Published Commercial
Great Websites for Research:
Please contact EFAC DREAMS coordinators if you would like a list of kid-friendly websites specific to your state!
Consider using
primary souces as a source for student research. An example might be to Skype with a local goverment official. Please send links of completed commercials to EFAC DREAMS and consider sending links to your state department to provide an authentic audience and purpose.
Teachers will need to use this rubric throughout the completion of the project and then finish once commercial is finalized.

Final Project

These lessons will take approximately three or four 45 minute lessons.

This is a great opportunity for your students to connect with students in neighboring schools to support education around the world.