Students will be highly engaged from day one with an interactive slideshow connecting themselves to Mercy's world in Kenya. They will have the chance to explore several different maps at a deep level using standards-based questions and high-level conversation. Finally, students will compile their understanding of the nation using images, links, audio, video and more on the exciting tool called Museum Box.





Ways to Connect



This lesson will take one 45 minutes session and will require a computer and projector.

Slideshow of Mercy and Kenya
Assess students' understanding through discussion and observation. Clarify any misconceptions throughout the introduction.


These lessons will take approximately two 45 minute sessions.

Use this rubric to monitor students understanding throughout both sessions.

Economics and


These lessons will take approximately eight or nine 45 minute sessions.

Sample Museum Box
Consider sharing your museum box with Mercy through the EFAC Blog. Also, send any advanced projects to EFAC DREAMS coordinators to be posted on our website!
Use the first two rows of this rubric while students present their museum box to the class. Assess the remaning portions of the rubric through student observation, oral assessment or have students use the reflection worksheet provided to take notes while others present their museum boxes.

Final Project

These lessons will take approximately three or four 45 minute sessions and will require some advance preparation.

Connect to the community by writing letters to local companies and explain the importance of educating people around the world.

Please use this custom search engine to help your students access websites to help with their research for the Museum Box Project or click on the PDF entitled Museum Box Research Sites to load these websites into your own webpage.