EFAC DREAMS representatives and the students want to extend a huge thank you for helping raise funds to make a difference for the students in Kenya. Please use any documents that might help you with your efforts and contact EFAC DREAMS coordinators when you begin your fundraisers for all needed information and resources.

Fundraising Ideas for Schools
1) African Art Night- Students work with art teachers to create their own authentic African art to display and sell at their very own African Art Show. Students can also prepare poems, dances, or songs to entertain their attending guests.
2) African Tea- Students can have parents for an African Tea and create a power point presentation to present to their parents, peers, and community about why global awareness is important in our schools and why sponsoring a child can change lives forever.
3) Students will need to raise 2.00 a day for a scholarship they can give up one thing each week and donate change to project on a weekly basis. It makes the kids think about how one small sacrifice can give a child a chance at a future.
4) Penny drive/ contest between classes
5) Students make and sell African Cookbooks at their very own African Cook-off. Where each student is responsible for creating and bringing their very own dish.
6) A 12 year old boy in Maryland went to a lecture about the enslavement of women and he started an organization called "loose change to loosen chains" Perhaps there can be a contest to come up with a great slogan for empowerment through education at $2 per day.
7) Garage sale- Hold a school-wide garage sale on the playground or in the gym. Invite parents to dig into their closets for new or barely used toys, games, and books. (Most parents will be very willing to unload some of their "clutter.") Price the items to sell! Use the proceeds to fund your scholarship student.
8) Students walk/run/jump for education- Students come up with a sponsor of 2.00 or more and walk for education either in PE or after school.
9) Find out if you parents/guardians' employers offer a matching gift program. Kids write a proposal to these companies telling them what they are doing; companies match what classrooms make.
10) Students organize a soccer event at their school. The teacher or principal plays the goalie. For each 2.oo raised students get a chance to shoot at the net. This can be done outside or in the gym or be modified for other sports.
11) Mystery Raffle- Ask students and faculty to donate "mystery" gift items for this event. Get permission from the school for your
happening. Charge $2 for raffle tickets, and beginning on a specific date, announce a winning raffle number every day. Let students choose their mystery prize. Continue the raffle until all prizes have been given out. All proceeds are given to sponsor a child for classrooms.

Click below to see sample letters and more that you can use for your fundraiser.