“We have to ask ourselves the hard question: Are we preparing our students to be ready for a rapidly globalizing, interconnected, and interdependent world?
--Tracy Crow NSDC: Tools for Schools May/June 2010

Education For All Children is a New Hampshire based nonprofit with a mission of generating change and awareness in developing countries and the United States. EFAC provides scholarships to over 150 Kenyan students and introduces these students into US classrooms as part of the EFAC global citizenship curriculum-EFAC DREAMS.

EFAC DREAMS is a custom designed curriculum for classroom teachers that meets national and state standards and increases the global awareness of the students. The DREAMS curriculum enables students to understand and take action on critical global and local issues. The EFAC DREAMS program provides standards based social studies unit, collaboratively planned with local teachers to meet the needs of their students. EFAC DREAMS provides the bridge between developed and developing countries by educating US school children about the similarities between their countries and the developing world. These children will begin to see the world as one economy and one society which includes unique cultural differences. They will be the harbingers of world peace, world governance and economic stability.

Great change begins with the education of children. EFAC DREAMS is dedicated to providing a unique educational experience all while strengthening the bonds of our global society. We invite you to explore our wiki to learn more about this innovative program.

“What a great message we’re sending our students, and what incredible stewards
they have become, when we promote these activities.”
- Steve Isenhour, principal at Hulstrom Elementary School, Thornton, CO.

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