7th Grade

Students will learn more about life in Kenya in the engaging Prezi presentation as an introduction to this unit. As part of their financial literacy standards, they will learn all about tax systems and even take part in a government debate. As a final project, students will be exposed to several Web 2.0 tools and choose the method to display their own learning.





Ways to Connect



These lessons will take approximately two 45 minute sessions and will require computer access.

Seventh Grade Prezi Introduction

Observe and assess student understanding through the discussion. Help clarify misconceptions.


These lessons will take 45 minute sessions.

Thematic Map Research
More Thamatic Map Research

Share map with Joan using the Web 2.o tool to create thematic maps if desired (see tutorial on technolgy link).
Target Map
Use this rubric to assess student's thematic maps.

Economics and Civics

These lessons will take approximately two 45 minute sessions.

Other Sites if Needed:
Understanding Taxes
African Economy for Kids
Film the tax debate and send the link to Joan.
Assess student understanding of civics and economics through their debate using this rubric. Film the debate use notes from the voters as documentation.

Final Project

These lessons will take approximately seven 45 minute sessions.

Kenya Information
Kids Can Travel to Kenya
Yahoo Kids- Kenya
Connect to sixth graders to explain the importance of global awareness.
Assess student use of Web 2.0 tools and NETS standards using this rubric.